1.3.0 2018-07-02

  • [Feature] #30: Moved ACL privelege jettison logic to only apply when the web-server is running as an admin
  • [Feature] #31: Updated w3pi web-server to enable it to run without admin permissions at all, using a low-privelege account
  • [Feature] #32: Created HttpSvcPerm.exe utility to set/remove HTTP.sys namespace reservations with ACLs from the command prompt
  • [Feature] #33: Updated setup.exe, ATLServerWebApp, project templates to be compatible with Visual C++ 2017, and Windows SDK 17134, C++ 2017
  • [Feature] #34: turned on multilanguage, stencil response file debugging and multimedia timer api support

1.2.8 2018-06-30

  • [Bug] #15: fixed an issue with setup.msi not containing the correct http2 push flag in ATL Server header files
  • [Bug] #14: fixed an issue where http logging was not being performed on ATL Server responses
  • [Bug] #13: fixed an issue where w3pi.exe was trying to load msxml3 instead of msxml6 for SOAP request handlers
  • [Bug] #12: fixed an issue with http not disconnecting after successful page-control-cache hit and response

1.2.6 2018-05-30

  • [Bug] #9: Fixed CAtlHttpClient secure socket (SecureSocket.h) implementation to be compatible with Linux TLS handshakes
  • [Bug] #10: Fixed bug in HttpSetCert where the Intermediate CA certificate was not imported if it was not from the same rootCA
  • [Bug] #11: fixed issue with http2 push requests being sent from the server, using invalid http-headers

1.2.0 2018-04-30

  • [Feature] #20: Improved w3pi web-servers handling of unicode and/or utf8 characters in file-paths and urls
  • [Feature] #21: Added ability of srf parsing logic to handle logic using the exclamation mark, if_not, if_and, if_or directives
  • [Feature] #22: Added Mime-type configuration file option
  • [Feature] #23: Client Certificate authentication (Mutual TLS) working
  • [Feature] #24: Enabled page output caching in ATLServer
  • [Feature] #25: Added all ATLServer source code to Setup.exe, as the codeplex website is shutdown. Instructions for downloading code and editing ATLServer files manually have been removed
  • [Feature] #26: Added JSON serialization code to ATLServer source code redistribution
  • [Feature] #27: Added various HTTP Header configuration options to expand static-file web-server functionality
  • [Feature] #28: Added ability of w3pi web-server to accept UTF8 encoded files for configuration
  • [Feature] #29: Updated w3pi web-server to ensure it is compatible with c++ 2017

1.1.6 2017-10-26

  • [Feature] #6: Added ability of w3pi web-server to log requests
  • [Feature] #7: Introduced remapping ability (similar to ISAPI re-write) using text files
  • [Feature] #8: Created setup.exe wix project, ATLServerWebApp vsix project and powershell automation logic to provide users with an easy way to implement ATLServer projects, without having to resort to Visual Studio 2005 project wizards and then upgrading the projects to Visual Studio 2015
  • [Feature] #9: Implemented additional connection logic to facilitate forms-based authentication (IAuthCache)
  • [Feature] #10: Migrated source code to TFS
  • [Feature] #11: Added http2 push into ATLServer using the TransmitFile function
  • [Feature] #12: Implemented swcart web-application to facilitate online purchases of license(s) for w3pi web-server
  • [Feature] #13: Tested JSON serialization ATLServer handlers
  • [Feature] #14: Updated infrastructure to be compatible with IPv6
  • [Feature] #15: Updated setup.exe, ATLServerWebApp, project templates to be compatible with Visual C++ 2017, Windows SDK 16299
  • [Feature] #16: Added ability for w3pi web-server to handle ATLServer soap request handlers
  • [Feature] #17: Refactored code internally to utilize IConfigurationCache interface for all static and dynamic configuration settings
  • [Feature] #18: Created more accurate versioning scheme for w3pi web-server
  • [Feature] #19: Updated documentation to use modern bootstrap4 theme with existing restructured text files

1.0.9 2017-04-28

  • [Bug] #6: fixed issue with ATLServer CHttpResponse redirect function
  • [Bug] #7: fixed issue where ATLServer only compared form-field parameters using case-sensitive string comparison (looks like an Internet Explorer 4.x inspired bug)
  • [Bug] #8: fixed issue where w3pi web-server was causing the Windows FTH to flip under certain circumstances (ARM Alignment issue)
  • [Bug] #5: fixed issue CAtlHttpClient secure socket (SecureSocket.h) implementation to be compatible with TLS 1.2

1.0.0 2016-12-28

  • [Feature] #4: Renamed project from w3gal to w3pi, reflecting the projects new compatibilty with the Raspberry Pi and Windows IOT
  • [Feature] #5: Successfully tested ATLServer web-app controlling hardware on Raspberry PI using the GPIO driver
  • [Bug] #2: fixed handling of HTTP range requests with DownloadManager Pro and Adobe Acrobat
  • [Bug] #3: Improved HTTP connection handling during certain situations where the client would close the connection but the web-server would still be listening
  • [Bug] #4: Updated srf parsing logic to handle relative paths properly in include handler tags

0.4.0 2016-04-28

  • [Feature] #3: Implemented multi-threading architecture so the web-server could handle multiple downloads at the same time
  • [Bug] #1: Fixed issue where HTTP redirects were not redirecting to the correct host in certain circumstances (IPv6) in ATLServer request handlers

0.2.0 2015-03-22

  • [Feature] #1: Only able to use ATLServer library (.srf files), static files not working
  • [Feature] #2: Initial release targeting Intel Galileo board with windows on devices operating system
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