A web-server for hosting ATL Server Web applications on the Windows for Iot Platform (x86 and ARM)

W3Pi is a high performance web-server used to host your ATL Server Web Apps.

You may also use W3Pi to serve up static content. SSL is also supported.

  • Uses the Microsoft Windows HTTPAPI to serve http content
  • Full featured - includes all HTTP 1.1 / HTTP 2.0 protocol features
  • Multithreaded - can handle multiple requests simultaneously
  • Optimized for low-bandwidth devices
  • Configurable via the command line and config files
  • Also works with ssl and IPv6
  • Includes logging support
  • Includes visual studio template for creating ATL Server web applications
  • Free to try and paid versions available
  • Also works on Windows 8, Windows 10 / Windows Mobile 10 and Phone 10 computers

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Hosted by: w3pi